Sophistication personified: Classy five-bedroom Burnley mansion yours for £925,000

The saying goes that you can't buy class. It's built-in, innate, set in stone. But then again, some houses just are classy: so fancy that the'd probably make everything more so via osmosis, and houses can very much be bought. Without further ado: introducing a certain five-bedroom Burnley mansion on the market for £925,000.

Tracing its ancient roots back to the 17th century, Greenhead Manor is the kind of building which one would find off an intriguing side road on their way to the castle from Downton Abbey. Sure, there's a fancy up-start up the road getting all the attention, but there's a tweed-clad beauty in quiet sophistication. It's the type of grand old manor house with an air of grace and charm, but a reserved grace and charm earned by being classy for literally hundreds of years.

Far from just talking the talk, Greenhead Manor also walks the debonair walk as well, scattering a selection of period features including mullian windows, fine stone masonry, and traditional oak beams and roof timbers into an already avuncular setup. Nestled unassumingly on the outskirts of Reedley, the home is far from old as well (despite its age) having been tactfully refurbished.

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Up the cobbled driveway, a studded entrance door leads into an entrance hall which immediately strikes all the right notes with an in-built wine rack greeting you at the door. Who needs a dog when you're greeted with a bottle of claret as soon as you get in after a long week at work? Tying up the whole chilled high-backed chair and robe visage, an Inglenook fireplace awaits in the living room, too.

Another fireplace - with stone arch and matching hearth - sits in the dining room, while a third can be found in the home's snug. It's not often that when asked 'Shall we get the fire going?' can you you answer with 'Which one?' Anyways, pyrotechnics aside, sitting in front of a fire with a glass of something can only be improved by food, and happily Greenhead has you covered there, too.

Custom-made oak fronted units, terracotta tiled floors, exposed ceiling beams, and an Aga cooker all make making stuff a decidedly more pleasurable endeavour than usual, while the general vibe of the kitchen is one where you very much expect a sheepdog to be asleep in the corner and a pot of homemade stew or some thick soup bubbling away audibly. You're hungry now, aren't you?

Upstairs, the master bedroom has more stone mullion windows, more exposed ceiling beams, more stone fireplace, and more walk-in wardrobe, while also boasting an en suite. Another two bedrooms are also to be found in this rich rabbit's warren of a home, with dark wood and textured ceilings practically overflowing out the castle-like stone-edged windows. Imagine a castle, but on a much more manageable scale, cleaning-wise.

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Up on the second floor - yep, there's a third floor - there's a massively impressive king-erpost roof truss complete with queen struts stretching across the attic as if they had grown there as part of some tree which has always been fond of architecture. There's also a fourth bedroom up there, with another bathroom to remove the need for its occupier to have to tackle stairs when nature calls in the night.

Someone get this house a monocle.