Police issue winter motoring advice

WINTER weather can cause problems for motorists and sometimes make it easy for criminals to target vehicles.

So Lancashire Constabulary has come up with some simple tips to help keep drivers across the Burnley and Pendle area safe, whether travelling to work or out shopping in the sales.

Motorists who find their cars iced over in the morning can be more concerned about getting to work on time than ensuring their vehicles are safe and secure, while shoppers laden with bags full of presents can sometimes leave them on backseats without considering they are creating temptation for passing thieves.

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Officers are asking motorists to take a few simple steps to help them keep crime low in Lancashire this festive period.

The tips include:

Not leaving anything on show in the vehicle – particularly expensive goods;

Putting sat navs, phones, bags and other valuables in glove boxes or the boot – even better, remove them from the car;

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Always parking in a well-lit place if possible;

Ensuring doors are locked and windows are secure when you leave your vehicle;

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Never leaving keys in the ignition while you de-ice your car; and

Keeping the doors locked when driving – particularly in town centres and built-up areas.

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Police have also come up with some ideas for motorists to take certain measures to ensure the winter weather doesn’t catch them out. These are:

Always be certain your vehicle has enough fuel to reach your destination;

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Make sure you know the route to your destination and keep family/friends aware of any changes to your travel plans;

Carry a shovel, a blanket, a torch, a bottle of water and charged mobile phone on all journeys; and

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Allow plenty of time for your trip and drive according to the conditions.