LA-style Edwardian mansion with three storeys, an annex, and a pool on the market for £1.2m

In big glitzy American dramas, lives tend to be lived out in huge, sprawling mansions whose gardens are bigger than most flats and which always come with blue skies and pristine outdoor swimming pools. It's the stuff of dreams: a private pool, a big garden (likely with a BBQ in some corner or another), and clear skies under which to loll about. Well, I can't guarantee the nice weather, but this £1.2m super-house certainly offers everything else required.
The Edwardian manor on Waterloo Road.The Edwardian manor on Waterloo Road.
The Edwardian manor on Waterloo Road.

Comparatively inauspicious - compared to the world-class garden and rear facade, that is - this three-storey Birkdale mansion is classy in its understated nature, with the home's front visage not quite giving away the glamour inside. Gambol up the paved driveway and canter up the charming steps to the front door, however, and things quickly change.

The estate agent simply writes that this property "exudes character, opulence, and style" which is a verdict with which anyone would be hard-pressed to argue. Opening into a vast reception hall, the home soon opens into a gorgeous sitting room to one side - all weathered wood and lush surfaces - and a wonderful study to the other - think the study which provides the setting for Edgar Allan Poe's epic, The Raven, although 100% less creepy and foreboding.

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Offering more soft surfaces than a Wacky Warehouse, the home's living room is equally as plush: the room basically begs you to sit down and go on a Harry Potter film marathon with it and that's no bad thing at all, especially when there's a fireplace to keep things toasty. But, movie weekends aside, the pièce de résistance is yet to be revealed...

Now, normally, a traditional pièce de résistance à la Mona Lisa or Symphony No. 5 in C minor is one thing. Not in this house. This home's pièce de résistance is the truly epic kitchen-slash-diner-slash-gateway to the garden. And as mentioned before, the garden has a pool in it. Yep.

Picture it. Sun's out. Cold drinks are flowing. The kitchen/diner doors are flung wide. People are sat at tables with sunglasses on. A BBQ is sizzling away. Kids laugh and splash in the pool. Inside, someone wipes a bead of sweat from their forehead as they crouch to change the Spotify playlist. Someone else comes waling down the hallway, flip-flops flapping. All is good with the world.

Now, tell me again how you're not sold on this house?

Upstairs we go, to the land of Double Bedrooms. There's six in total, which is brilliant, and they're all absolutely fantastic, which is also brilliant. Large, but not imposingly so, each room is clean-cut and nicely individualistic without being weird, much like professional golfers or members of the Avengers. The family bathroom has a stand-alone tub, all the rooms have lovely views, and the carpets look like they exist to have toes nestled in them.

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More bedrooms and more bathroom await upstairs again, with this house showing that it's not only got the chops to be deeper than you think, but taller too. Take a peek out of one of the very upstairs bedroom windows and you might even be able to make out the pool party going on below.

Even the garden belonging to this property is way bigger than you think. Should the mere presence of a pool - located next to an annex just tailor-made to home some angsty teenager - not be enough, then saunter up the steps and find another tier to the garden, all greenery and flowers.

Then turn around and take another look at this house. And another. And one more. Because it really is a stunner.