Kissing - as illustrated by Pete McKee's famous The Snog mural on the side of Fagan's pub in Sheffield city centre - tops the most expensive road names according to a study of property prices.

These are the Valentine-themed road names that could raise or lower the value of your home

Kissing is key to house prices according to a new study.

Research by estate agent Barrows and Forrester has revealed which Valentine’s Day themed road names are showing the love for homeowners with above-average sold prices.

Analysis of sold prices over the last year found roads with ‘kissing’ in the name had an average sold price of £1.2 million over the last year, 356 per cent higher than the national average of £261,897.

Homes on roads with Cupid in the name went for an average of £293,000, 12 per cent higher than the national average.

Love and Sweet, such as Love Street in Sheffield and Sweet Street in Leeds, also performed well with above-average sold prices.

James Forrester, Barrows and Forrester managing director, said: “We’re certainly a nation obsessed with finding the best bricks and mortar partner but our efforts in the property market can often result in a love-hate relationship.

“While we all tend to love our homes, buying one can be far from smooth sailing and is enough to test anyone’s commitment.

“There’s also no guarantee a Valentine’s Day-themed road name will show the love where higher sold prices are concerned, although a property purchase should always be done based on personality rather than for the money.”

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