Is my house haunted? Here are 5 signs that a ghostly presence could be living with you

The mysterious world of the supernatural is home to a question that longs to be answered.

The first recordings of haunted houses were in 1500 BC, so for over 3,500 years people have been questioning if there is life after death. On average, every month 2,200 people worldwide search for ‘is my house haunted?’

But how do you know if your mind is playing tricks or something more supernatural is occurring? Ghosts, spirits, lost souls, – whatever you call them, all follow the same tell-tale signs they’re there. Whether that's footsteps at night, a cool chill or a whisper, there can be many unexplainable experiences that happen in your own home.

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Joyce Olsen – an expert from – has provided five tell-tale signs that you may have a supernatural lodger ...

Who ya gonna call? Here are five signs your house may be haunted

1 Temperature changes

There’s something haunting about an unwanted cold chill in your home appearing out of nowhere. Joyce states that this detects the presence of a ghost, and if the cold chill scares you, this fear may actually be feeding the ghost more!

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2 Objects moving or falling down

We’ve all been there, watching TV and a picture falls off of the wall on its own accord. If this keeps happening to you, and you’ve checked fixings are secure, you may have an unwanted guest in your home.

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3 Feeling a weird sensation on your neck

If you regularly experience something touching the back of your neck but nothing’s there, consider reaching out to a spiritual healer. Why? This can indicate that a ghost is “attached” to you, meaning it may not be your house that is haunted, but you!

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4 Orb sightings

Otherwise known as light balls, orbs are most commonly seen in photographs, and have been thought to indicate a spiritual presence is near. However, most of the time, dust particles or tiny bugs can be to blame for these odd balls of light.

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5 Electricals malfunctioning

Has your TV or smart device turned itself on during the night? If so, 3 am is referred to as the ‘witching hour’ where most entities are alive, which could indicate a paranormal presence in your home. Try to ensure electrical mains switches are switched off before bed, get your devices checked by a professional or as a last resort, take remote controls to bed with you!