Burnley Scout joins 45,000 compatriots in USA for World Scout Jamboree featuring Bear Grylls

A 17-year-old from Burnley has taken part in an international gathering of Scouts in West Virginia, USA, with the World Scout Jamboree welcoming some 45,000 Scouts from around the globe to the event.

Logan in West Virginia
Logan in West Virginia

One of the 5,000 Scouts to have travelled from the UK, Logan is meeting fellow Scouts from nearly every country in the world at the World Scout Jamboree, a skills and adventure festival offering youngsters the chance to learn new skills and taste high adventure held in one of the wildest and most picturesque places in the US.

Featuring everything from mountain biking to hiking, the festival is the culmination of two years of work from Scout leaders which has involved camps and team building events preparing the young people for living on a humid site in West Virginia.

“The jamboree has been amazing so far; my favourite part was me and my patrol hiked up Mount Jack mountain," said Logan. "It was hard, but it really helped build my resilience. At the top, I got to take part in a broad range of activities; a highlight for me was the Spartan race, an endurance assault course."

Bear Grylls addressing the crowd at the jamboree.

The event was opened by UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who said: "World Scout Jamborees only happen every four years and tens of thousands of Scouts attend each one. They are incredible festivals of peace, friendship, and adventure. Young people will make friends for life with people from over 150 countries, experience different food, language, and culture while learning new skills.

"It will be the journey of a lifetime," he added. "The 2019 jamboree - jointly hosted by the USA, Canada, and Mexico - is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting yet. The theme is 'Unlock a new world', focusing especially on how we can create a sustainable world together."

The world's largest youth movement with more than 638,000 individuals actively involved in the UK, the Scouts was founded on August 1st in 1907, with this, the 24th World Scout Jamboree, taking place from 23rd July to 2nd August.

Bear Grylls with young Scouts.