Brand-spanking new: Flawless, £1.1m three-storey mansion a picture of property perfection

With some houses, it can be tough to picture how you would make it your own. How you would imprint your own style on everything and truly make it home. Then, with others, they are just so first-class-hotel-style clean-cut and spotless that it makes it downright simple. This three-storey, million-pound super-home is very much the latter.

As pristine as homes come, Oldfield is very much a case of tongue-in-cheek anti-nominative determinism. Old it certainly is not - this house was first constructed in just 2007 and then renovated to its current flawless state in 2013. This thing is just six years old. Most of us have t-shirts older than that.

A four-bedroom offering on the market for £1.1m, Oldfield is immaculate, in and out. Based in Croston in Leyland, it's the kind of house which looks like it could talk to you, so advanced and generally high-quality is it. Like Tony Stark's mansion before he moved in and installed Jarvis into every room so he had someone to talk to when he was bugging Pepper.

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With three reception rooms and three bathrooms - all of them flawless pictures of matt white surfaces, rich blemishless furniture, and airy skylights - Oldfield is just waiting for an affluent homeowner or two to turn up. It's like a top hat waiting for a monocle.

From the oak staircase in the reception hall to the wood-burning stove in the living room, this home is 21st century, too. It has a study and a utility room, a kitchen/diner and an orangery. It has quartz worktops and French doors. It knows what's up.

Upstairs, as well as the massive master bedroom with dressing room and adjoining en suite, the main feature is the stunning wrap-around sun terrace with frame-less glass balustrade. Accessed by a couple of the other three double bedrooms, it's like a rich American teenager's dream California home feature.

There's also a converted loft running the entire length of the house just waiting to be turned into a cinema.

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Outside, very much in keeping with the general perfect nature of this home, you'll find a carpet-like lawn and private gardens. There's loads of patio space for when the sun's out and the sun terrace just doesn't cut it anymore, and the mature border trees offer a sense of seclusion. Oh, and there's a timber summer house at the bottom of the garden.

And, speaking of additional property, Oldfield also has a converted garage annexe. Fitted with a kitchen, living room, three-piece bathroom, and large double bedroom, it's practially the size of most people's actual houses. Yes, I will move in and live in the annexe like a granny, thanks for asking.