Bizarre map reveals 'best place' in Lancashire to avoid WW3 nuclear missile strike

An estate agent has put together a bizarre map which it says highlights the best places to live in Lancashire and the UK if you fear for the nation's impending doom.
The eMoov nuke mapThe eMoov nuke map
The eMoov nuke map

This map apparently highlights the zones which would be wiped out by a nuclear strike on one of 20 major cities - and where you'd be safe.

Turns out Lancashire residents should head to Barrow or Lancaster, where you'll then be able to watch the end of the world in comfort, safe from background radiation.

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The most affordable option for those worried about the impending end of the world is Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, with an average house price of just £112,279 and a good chance of being out of the radiation zone. Staying in Cumbria and slightly further north, Carlisle is also an affordable option at (£131,970). To the South in Lancashire, Lancaster also provides a fairly safe bet at (£146,133).

Estate agent eMoov says: "Although we’re out of range from any threat from North Korea, London would be the obvious choice for a nuclear strike in the UK, but the capital could be the tip of the iceberg, so eMoov used Nukemap to plot the resulting impact zones for an all-out nuclear attack on 20 major UK cities.

"These were Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cambridge, Norwich, Oxford, London, Bristol, Swansea, Southampton, Brighton, Plymouth, Liverpool and Sheffield.

"Although the resulting strikes would also see, York, Leicester, Peterborough, Exeter, Cardiff, Bath and much more become uninhabitable due to the thermal radiation radius

"eMoov then looked for radiation free options to get on the property ladder across the UK and at different price bands for those that might be worried about a nuclear threat."