A study by Compare the Market has revealed the first things potential buyers notice when they view a property.

9 things people look for when viewing a new home - according to eye-tracking technology

A special eye-tracking experiment has revealed the things house-hunters really look for when viewing a home.

Comparethemarket.com carried out the study, by equipping viewers with eye-tracking hardware to capture the parts of the home that most caught people’s attention.

And while radiators and water pressure featured prominently, garden access, accessories and a clean and working oven were also closely examined.

Mark Gordon, Comparethemarket.com head of mortgages, said: “We conducted this experiment to determine the areas of the home buyers look at most to help sellers maximise their chances of a sale.

“Some sellers may not have considered these factors when preparing their homes for viewings, so we hope our insight will help them focus on the areas they should check and freshen up.”

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