Four-bed Colne barn conversion offers gorgeous rural living with 21st century style

Winewall FarmWinewall Farm
Winewall Farm
Rural is always one of things which makes a house more appealing. The word represents getting away from it all and breathing in the fresh air. But we never want to sacrifice any amenities when switching to a rural property - we effectively just want more space. Happily, a very rural £750,000 barn conversion in Colne offers the best of both worlds.

A bright stone property which at first glance looks like the kind of place which would smell of sandalwood, permanently have a stew cooking on the stove, and never ever get cold, Winewall Farm is a cheeky nod towards glamour living in a rustic setting: the garden's charming views over Pendle Hill and rolling countryside are made for a classic windswept shirtless stare into the distance.

Rural enough to have plenty of outdoor space to make you feel like you can get all farmer and work up a rural sweat chopping wood or moving Very Large Stones from here to there for some project as of yet unconfirmed, the house nevertheless provides amble opportunity to wind down after a hard day's rural-ing with a bottle from your temperature-controlled wine cooler.

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Accessed via a sweeping drive through some electronic gates, there's more tractor space than John Deere could shake a spade at - a double garage, a wood store, a gym, an enclosed hen and duck pen, and a detached timber summerhouse all come included in this rural wonderland, as do the solar panel-coated pump house and timber pagoda with swing table.


As well as fancy, rural living also means food: we all love a farm shop, farm animals make up most of the compartments in an English breakfast, and farmers - which you basically are now that you own this awesome rural house - get to eat loads because of all the physical rural work they do. So we start in the kitchen.

Hand-crafted oak units, stone-flagged flooring, double sink, granite surfaces, an Aga, and a pantry ripe for strings of brown onions, sacks of taters, and loads of cakes, the kitchen is damn impressive. There's just a warm feeling to it, and I can literally see a container of Bisto gravy - always a good sign. The dash of modernity - an integrated Bose sound system - is also very welcome, making singing for your dinner is a very real thing.

Boasting a room which sounds like it comes straight out of an Elven palace from one of J.R.R. Tolkein's novels, the Summer Room is airy and spacious and in an attractively idiosyncratic fashion, is set across two distinct layers with the raised section covered in lush, toe-tingling carpet. Exposed stone and ample room for relaxing in front of the telly - basically a Hobbit's dream.

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Speaking of entertainment, it's in the main living room where you'll find the big guns. A wood-burning stove keeps you warm, a TV with surround sound keeps you smiling, and an inset bar keeps you topped up. What's not to absolutely love? Nothing, that's what. Don't @ me.

Up the bespoke wrought iron staircase we tootle, and immediately a potential Escape to the Country superstar - a vaulted ceiling complete with exposed beams - jumps out at you. Like a cathedral to beautiful interior design, there's space for a desk from whence you can tot up the bits of wood you've so rurally chopped on your way to grab a shower in the master's en suite.

You'll have to cross the main bedroom's pile carpet first, which is no mean feat: carpet this plush almost demands you fall on your face and rub yourself all over it. No, it's not weird, it's a normal thing to do - just ask the dog. Anyway... once you've finished and you're back on two feet, go take a hard look at yourself in the LED vanity mirror and realised that what you did was awesome and cool so there. Have yourself a dip in the Jacuzzi bath.

If your significant other thinks differently, there's another three bedrooms which you can make your own until they come around.