World Gin Day: The 12 steps to enjoying the best gin and tonic, according to experts

On World Gin Day, the sun will shine, you’ll settle down to a crisp gin and tonic … but will you have made your favourite tipple in the correct way?

Maybe not, as research has revealed the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to creating a classic G&T.

Apparently, its all about the glass, the shape of the ice and never stirring more than twice.

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And so for World Gin Day , food and drink scientist Natalie Alibrand, together with spirits company Quintessential Brands - which owns gin brands Greenall’s, BLOOM and OPIHR’S London Dry Gin - has revealed the 12 top tricks and steps to enjoying and perfecting the perfect gin and tonic.

Happy World Gin Day ... but have you been making your gin in the best way possible?

Well, the 12th is drinking it, but read on for the other 11.

Number 1:

Chill your gin (-18ºC): Gin should ideally be kept in the freezer, with the glass chilled and the ice freshly frozen.

Number 2:

A Copa de Balon- style glass is the best for your gin

The best glass is a Copa de Balon glass (-4ºC): This style of glass allows for a more aromatic drinking experience as the botanical aromas and vapours are contained within the glass.

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Number 3:

Chill tonic water (5ºC): The higher the quality, the better, says Alibrandi.

Number 4:

Food and drink scientist Natalie Alibrand
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Make fresh ice - crescent ice cubes are better. They keep the shape longer and melt slower.

Number 5:

Use small units of tonic water, ideally from a single-serve can or glass bottle. Alibrandi says a tonic water with higher carbonation is best, so check the label.

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Number 6:

Create the ideal garnish using a piece of lemongrass, dried mango and sprig of pine

Number 7:

Fill the chilled glass to the rim with fresh ice cubes .

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Number 8:

Pour 50ml chilled London Dry Gin into the glass

Number 9:

Pour 150ml chilled tonic water into the glass. The tonic should be poured slowly and never stir more than twice or you run the risk of fizz disappearing more quickly

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Number 10:

Add the mango and a sprig of pine

Number 11:

Gently stir

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Number 12:

Yes, you’ve guessed it … enjoy (within 30 minutes or your efforts will go to waste!)

Oh, and the experts say don’t use a straw, as sipping from the glass provides more aroma and enhances the experience.