World Beer Index: Cheapest pints on the planet revealed to Lancashire holidaymakers

The price of a local pint is usually a good indicator of how expensive a holiday in general will be.The price of a local pint is usually a good indicator of how expensive a holiday in general will be.
The price of a local pint is usually a good indicator of how expensive a holiday in general will be.
Fans of a tipple or two who enjoy sampling local beers whilst on holiday can now plan their upcoming international dalliances around beer prices following the release of the World Beer Index, which has revealed that the average ale fan can expect to pay a whopping £8.73 more for a pint in Qatar compared to Vietnam.

With the World Cup set to take place in the tiny oil-rich gulf nation in 2022, the news that a pint costs an eye-popping £9.47 in Qatar will be unwelcome to fans, who will be feeling the economic squeeze as a result of the country's strict Islamic laws which limit alcohol distribution and consumption. Maybe catch Gareth Southgate's boys on the telly, instead.

For those looking to plan a holiday around the prices of locally-sources draught beers, the message from the index is simple: head to East Asia or central Europe to sample six of the seven cheapest pints in the world, with the easiest on the wallet being Vietnam (£0.74). Beach holiday, anyone?

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Aside from the alcohol-sparse gulf regions such as Qatar and the UAE (£8.22), other countries to avoid if you're sniffy about the price of your amber fluid include Norway (£8.60), Iceland (£8.03), Israel (£6.65), and Singapore (£6.39), while some would be surprised to see France (£5.37) at 11th on the list of priciest pints compiled by travel experts,

Alternatively, for those looking for a cheap drink, China (£0.78), Tunisia (£1.01), Bulgaria (£1.01), and Romania (£1.23) are all very attractive options, with a new potential city breaks or a long-haul trip to the far East sure to provide ample entertainment. Looking for cheap English-speaking nations? The USA (£3.45) and Canada (£3.87) are notably cheaper than Australia (£4.91) and New Zealand (£4.77).

“Whether seeking sun, sea, sand, snow, sights or cities, the price of booze is a good way to gauge how expensive a destination generally is," said a spokesperson for “To help UK tourists plan their next getaway, our researchers have put together the world’s first Beer Index, which shows the typical cost of a pint of draught beer in a local restaurant, converted in to pounds sterling from local currency."

World Beer Index:

1. Qatar: £9.47

2. Norway: £8.60

3. UAE: £8.22

4. Iceland: £8.03

5. Israel: £6.65

6. Singapore: £6.39

7. Switzerland: £6.09

8. Sweden: £6.07

9. Finland: £5.86

10. Hong Kong: £5.49

11. France: £5.37

12. Denmark: £5.23

13. Australia: £4.91

14. New Zealand: £4.77

15. Italy: £4.39

16. Netherlands: £4.35

17. Canada: £3.87

18. Austria: £3.76

19. USA: £3.45

20. Greece: £3.41

21. Germany: £3.41

22. Estonia: £3.41

23. Japan: £3.14

24. South Korea: £2.66

25. Morocco: £2.64

26. Malta: £2.44

27. Spain: £2.35

28. Turkey: £2.32

29. Latvia: £2.10

30. Thailand: £1.98

31. Croatia: £1.97

32. Peru: £1.83

33. Dominican Republic: £1.71

34. Sri Lanka: £1.70

35. Argentina: £1.64

36. South Africa: £1.63

37. Poland: £1.60

38. Brazil: £1.57

39. India: £1.51

40. Egypt: £1.51

41. Portugal: £1.47

42. Mexico: £1.37

43. Russia: £1.36

44. Czech Republic: £1.26

45. Hungary: £1.24

46. Romania: £1.23

47. Bulgaria: £1.01

48. Tunisia: £1.01

49. China: £0.78

50. Vietnam: £0.74