TAKEAWAY REVIEW: Pronto Pizza, Standish Street, Burnley

WE’VE all been there.

Sunday afternoon. Bloodshot eyes. Packet of headache tablets close to hand.

The kitchen seems a million miles away, the thought of actually cooking something is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat and a drive to McDonalds or KFC would most likely see you banned from driving.

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The only thing left to do is track down your wallet (suspiciously lighter than it was 24 hours earlier) pick up the phone and let somebody else do all the work.

Pronto Pizza, based in Standish Street, has become my go-to place in recent times and although their main menu focuses solely on pizza and pasta (noting here for burger lovers) there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into.

Now, for those of you who fancy a challenge, Pronto’s prides itself on their 18in. pizzas at £9.99. Perfect for families, or for those who haven’t eaten for two days, there’s something quite satisfying about having to tilt a pizza box in order to get it through your door.

This time around though I opted for the slightly more manageable 13in. barbecue chicken and sweetcorn thin crust pizza with garlic butter and a side order of wedges.

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The chicken was tender and succulent with the barbecue sauce adding that little extra something. The base was cooked to perfection and dripping with garlic butter could not have gone down much better. Other takeaway pizzas I’ve had in the past have tended to be a bit dry but that definitely wasn’t an issue here

The wedges, dipped into the tub of garlic mayonnaise supplied with the pizza, were golden, crunchy and delicious.

It all came to £9.99 and to be fair probably could and maybe should have fed two. Definitely a darn sight more enjoyable than the Super Noodles I would have managed to rustle up if I had made it to the kitchen.


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