REVIEW: Bombay Lounge

A sign of a good meal is an empty plate.

Bombay Lounge
Bombay Lounge

Three quarters of the way through my North Bombay Garlic Chilli it would have been easy to succumb to fullness.

However, there was not a chance so much as a clove would be left on that plate.

Labelled as ‘exquisite’ on the Bombay Lounge menu, that would be an understatement.

North Bombay Garlic Chilli

The chicken was tender, the sauce rich; while the chillies, garlic and spring onion flavoursome additions. Some curries can leave you feeling heavy afterwards. This medium dish left me full, but able to move.

I mopped up the last mouthful with a chilli, cheese and garlic naan. Chilli, cheese and garlic; the most tantalising of trios. The thought of it makes my mouth water now. Thick and dripping with melted cheese, I would have had it to start...and for dessert.

The mix kebab was my actual starter of choice. Chicken tikka, shish kebab and onion bhaji all cooked to perfection and combined with poppadoms and a pickle tray, the perfect precursor to the main event.

I was fortunate enough to sample another main on the night – the Naga Bahar Special.

North Bombay Garlic Chilli

A hot and spicy offering cooked with naga chillies, onions and garlic; the ideal selection for somebody looking for dish with a bit of an extra kick. The Bombay Lounge underwent a change of ownership at beginning of the year and for a 10-week period was known as Suruchi.

The move didn’t work out and Nurul Hoque, who opened the Church Street restaurant just over six years ago, is now back at the helm.

“I sublet the business to Suruchi because I wanted to spend more time with the family. If it worked out I was going to let them buy the business 100%.

“It just didn’t work out and so we’re back now as Bombay Lounge. I have the main kitchen staff back and have employed some new staff as well.

“I did really miss the customers and Barrowford is a top place to work. It is good to be back.”

Standards are now higher than ever and you would be hard pressed to find a more friendly or attentive team.

As for the deals; there are far too many to list here.

Early bird specials, priced at £8-95 are in place before 8-30pm Monday to Thursday while the Sunday and Tuesday £9.95 banquets comprise so much food, spoilt for choice does not even come close to covering it.

For more details, search for Bombay Lounge on Facebook.