Recipe: Tiramisu from Stanley House

Head Pastry chef at Stanley House Hotel and Spa, Ian Cooper, shares his recipe for a delicious dessert favourite of tiramisu.

Makes 1 large dish of 4-6 portions


For the dark chocolate and coffee mousse layer

500g dark chocolate

400g whipping cream

120g (3 shots) espresso coffee

30g water

For the Mascarpone mousse layer

500g Mascarpone cheese

300g marsala

400g whipping cream

100g whipping cream

4 leaves gelatine – soaked and squeezed dry

125g egg yolk

200g sugar

To finish

1 packet of sponge fingers soaked in 200g stock syrup and 100g marsala mixed together

Method: for the dark chocolate and coffee mousse layer

Semi whip the cream

Just melt the chocolate over a Bain Marie

Bring the water and coffee to the boil and add to the chocolate

Fold in the whipped cream and reserve

Method: for the Mascarpone mousse layer

Mix the marsala with the mascarpone

Semi whip 400g cream

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In a thick bottomed pan bring the sugar and a little water to 121 degrees Celsius

Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks until they turn pale in colour and pour on the hot sugar, whisking continuously

Over a low heat, dissolve the gelatine in the 100g of cream and slowly mix into the mascarpone mix whisking continuously

Add the mascarpone mix to the egg yolk mix and mix well

Fold in the semi whipped cream

To finish

In a suitable mould, pour in some of the chocolate mousse

Top with sponge fingers

Top with the mascarpone mousse

Continue to fill your mould in layers and leave to set overnight in the fridge

Sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve