Food Review: Demijohn

Summer is officially on its way giving you a chance to enjoy lighter food and drink.

And a great way to spice up a dull salad is to give it a dash of vinegar. Demijohn gooseberry vinegar is a lovely dressing.

The taste of the sweet gooseberry combines well with the sharp vinegar and is similar to a white wine balsamic. It can be used on its own or mixed with a little extra Virgin olive oil. The versatile sauce can be used to spice up fruit salad and is a big hit when served on ice cream.

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And if you are feeling thirsty, mix it with fizzy water and it makes a great cordial. The vinegar is priced at £1.80 per 100ml.

If you like a tipple too, then one of the nicest on offer is the organic vodka liqueur, priced at £4.20 for 100mls. Made from Scottish rhubarb and mixed with vodka and sugar cane, this drink can be drunk straight with ice or mix if with champagne or tonic.

The vinegar and liqueurs can be seen on Demijohn’s online store, which itself has been given a revamp to make it easier for the customer to use.

It enables the customer to choose the product and the size and shape of demijohn to put it in. The website has recipe ideas and a forum so people can swop ideas.

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Demijohn MD Angus Ferguson said: “Our new website is our fourth shop launch and offers all our customers, far and wide, much easier access and information about the products.

“We aim to deliver to the UK within 4-5 working days but with a small, dedicated staff we can often do this quicker. We are a family company where all our staff are knowledgeable and passionate about the products, their provenance and their uses (staff nights are riotous affairs as we always have to sample the latest products!) which we hope the new website conveys.

“With two mail order sites in Glasgow and York we will fulfil orders quickly and efficiently and get them delivered to you or your loved ones, complete with the free personalised message, as quickly as possible.”

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