Burnley pub rolls out red carpet for regulars' 'Oscars' night

A popular Burnley pub held its very own "Oscars" to reward its loyal collection of regulars.
And the winners are...And the winners are...
And the winners are...

The Royal Dyche in Yorkshire Street held its very first Customer Awards on Sunday, which just happened to coincide with this year's Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles in California.

And much like the glitz and glamour of LA, the "poshest pub under the culvert" laid out the red carpet for its guests, according to landlady Justine Lorriman.

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Justine said: "The idea of giving out awards to our customers started as a joke amongst regulars when we were chatting about who would win what. Then quite a lot of people started taking it seriously so we did it.

"We thought up some categories and chose around six customers for each which were then voted on by anyone who came into the pub. We put a box behind the bar for people to post their votes.

"The actual awards night happened to coincide with the Oscars so we got a red carpet to make it a bit more glamorous. We are the poshest pub under the culvert after all.

"I managed to get some individual trophies for each winner and we had a powerpoint presentation on the awards night which showed some funny video clips from the pub from over the last year.

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The pub, named after Clarets manager Sean Dyche, even had an 'Incognito' award for the man himself and a facemask.

Justine added: "We still haven't had Sean in yet for a pint, but I might give him the trophy next time I see hm. Everyone had a brilliant night and we're definitely going to make it an annual event."

The winners and categories were:

Biggest Lightweight - Martin Durkin; Best Dressed - Carl Morley; Handicap Award - Craig Healy; Hardcore Drinker - Eric Palmer; Cutest Ponytail - Sean Depledge; Most Insane Hairstyle - Andrea Kelly; Most Annoying Drunk - Braz Turner; Most Helpful Customer - Kram Prosser; Most Incognito Regular - Sean Dyche; Cutest Dog - Sandy; Smoothest Dancer - Carl Morley; Best Jukebox DJ - Eric Palmer; Biggest B*tch - Neil 'Nezzy' Barrett; Most Intelligent - Paul Lorriman.