18 cracking photos of revellers at reunion to celebrate heyday of two former iconic Burnley nightspots

These cracking photos were taken at a reunion held in 2017 to celebrate two of Burnley's most iconic nightclubs.

Hundreds of revellers, who used to dance the night away at the former Cat's Whiskers and Hop nightspots in the town, gathered to re-live the happy times at Burnley's Proj3kt nightclub on Hammerton Street.

Former Burnley nurse Debbie Heron's appeal for the get together to be arranged to coincide with her visit home from Australia attracted so much support, in the Burnley Express and on social media, DJs Chris Byrne, Steve Hindley, Pat Carter and Leigh Bickerstaff, who all used to work at both clubs, got their heads together to make it happen.

A second reunion was held in 2019 and another is on the cards for next year.

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