IN PICTURES: 17 cars from British Leyland's 50 year history

British Leyland dominated the domestic motoring scene making some of the most famous names on the nation's roads during the 1970s and 1980s.

Brands such as Austin, Morris, Triumph, Rover, Jaguar, Mini and Land Rover, among others, were all under British Leyland’s control.

Here we take a nostalgic look back at some of the many vehicles brought to our roads by one of the biggest players in the global car making industry. 

A brief history

Leyland Motors could trace its roots back to 1884 where James Sumner, of Leyland, built his first steam-driven wagon. In 1896, following investment, he set up the Lancashire Steam Motor Company, which was subsequently renamed Leyland Motors Ltd in 1907 after the company began testing with gas-powered engines.  

The success of Leyland Motors as a commercial vehicle manufacturer resulted in the purchase of the Triumph Motor Company in 1961, followed by the merger with the upmarket Rover Car Company in 1966, which contained the sought after Rover and Land Rover brands. 

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BRITISH LEYLAND: Birth of a motoring giant in Lancashire

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