Existing busy car park could get second deck

A seven-figure scheme for a second deck of parking at Chester Avenue Car Park could come to Clitheroe, if plans are approved.
Car park could get second deckCar park could get second deck
Car park could get second deck

The proposed £1.2m. capita bid for the busy car park was discussed by councilors at a recent Community Services Committee meeting of Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Under the plans, which are in their early stages and subject to planning permission, the extra parking would accommodate 100 more vehicles.

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If the scheme goes ahead in 2019/20, the existing spaces, located near the railway station, will be closed for around five weeks for construction to take place.

In a report prepared by the council’s head of engineering services, Mr Adrian Harper, said: “A proposal has been considered for the installation of a second car parking deck onto the current Chester Avenue car park. This scheme has the potential of adding a further 100 car parking spaces. An increased surface area and associated signage/pay and display machines would increase maintenance costs in the long term.”

The move has been welcomed by community stalwart and chairman of Clitheroe Town Team, Mr Kevin Horkin. He said: “I think it’s an excellent idea. It is something that has been put forward in the past and extra parking for several other car parks in Clitheroe has been explored. I feel anything that brings extra parking in the town is a must, especially in view of the proposed market redevelopment. It’s good to see the council looking ahead.”

Leader of the borough council, Coun. Stuart Hirst, has stressed the plans are still on the drawing board and no final decision will be made until councillors meet next month.

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He added: “Speculation on this issue is entirely premature. This suggestion is only one of a number of proposals from officers for the capital programme and as such at this stage has only a ‘draft’ status. The Budget Working Group will be considering all options over the next few weeks and any final decision will not be made on the content of the capital programme until the Special Finance Meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on February 9th. The committee will take a view on this at that meeting.”

The proposed development is also good news for local architect Mr Charles Stanton, who in December 2015 drew up plans for a multi-storey car park at Chester Avenue Car Park.

Speaking to the Clitheroe Advertiser at the time, he said: “Considering the major re-development that is taking place in Clitheroe this is something that has to be considered. We have tabled the plans to start a debate, save the council a lot of money and come up with a simple solution.”

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