Council ask travellers to leave Clitheroe site

Travellers who set up camp in the middle of a Clitheroe beauty spot have been asked to leave.

By Faiza Afzaal
Friday, 12th April 2019, 3:56 pm
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 3:59 pm
Travellers had set up camp on the banks of Edisford River, Clitheroe
Travellers had set up camp on the banks of Edisford River, Clitheroe

Gypsy wagons, trailers, a van and cars appeared on the banks of Edisford River on Tuesday - prompting concerns from local residents.

Several Clitheroe residents have expressed fury over their arrival, lodging complaints with Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Local resident, Judith Goody contacted the Clitheroe Advertiser. She said: "I regularly walk down there. I saw the travellers camped on Tuesday and contacted the police. I was down there again yesterday and noticed they hadn't moved so rang the council. I only spoke to reception, but was told they need a court order to move them. I am really annoyed. What would happen if I pitched a tent and was told that's different!"

In response, Mr John Heap, director of community services for Ribble Valley Borough Council, said: "An officer visited the site this morning and verbally asked the travellers to leave. I believe they have left the site. We were not aware of any problems or nuisance caused during their presence. However, had they not moved today, we would have had to serve a notice."