Badge snob Britons willing to burst their budget to avoid certain cars

Almost two thirds of UK drivers say there are certain brands of car they would never buy, no matter how good the car or deal, with a quarter willing to overspend to get the right model.

One in six (16 per cent) UK drivers is happy to describe themselves as a brand snob but far more (64 per cent) admit to being so picky about the badge on their motor that there are some marques they would never consider.

A poll of drivers on behalf of insurance provider InsuretheGap found that one in four consider their car as part of their “personal image”, with young motorists and Londoners the most concerned about what their car says about them.

In fact, almost half of Londoners (44 per cent) think their car affects how others see them, compared to just 19 per cent in Wales and the north-east of England.


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As many as one in four drivers is willing to overspend to get a better looking or more prestigious model (Photo: Shutterstock)

The survey also found that a quarter of drivers would go over budget just to get a better looking car and 16 per cent would spend beyond their means to get a car from a more "prestigious" brand.

North-east England and London (both 37 per cent) are the regions most prepared to go over budget, with  Wales (18 per cent) and the East of England (21 per cent) least likely to splash the cash.

Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer of said: “It’s interesting that there’s still a lot of resistance from car buyers when it comes to certain car brands, but what is clear is that many drivers are prepared to pay more for a car that they feel looks good and is good for their image.”