A sight to behold: Half-a-million pound Burnley property boasts some of the best views around

A nice view is one of life's great intangibles. Nice views are great, and when a house has one, it's even greater. A pretty average house can be made into a great house if it has a great view because, let's face it (literally) you spend more time in your house looking out than outside looking in. And in terms of views in East Lancashire, you'd be hard pressed to improve on Pendle Hill.
Little Middop Farm's stunning views.Little Middop Farm's stunning views.
Little Middop Farm's stunning views.

Nestled pleasantly off the beaten track somewhat in Gisburn, Little Middop Farm boasts just that view. Pendle Hill has been catching eyes since the Bronze Age, and today it continues to make every house in its vicinity with a view that bit better. Rain? Pendle Hill looks foreboding and grand. Sun? Pendle Hill looks verdant and green. Snow? Pendle Hill gets it first. Fog? Wow, it's so foggy we can't even see Pendle Hill.

A sprawling five-bedroom property on the market for £550,000, Little Middop Farm is a charmingly converted stone farmhouse with Beatrix Potter gardens and a facade which belongs in a 19th century landscape artist's body of work, sun-drenched and warm. And for those evenings when it is indeed sun-drenched and warm, the home's patio offers the very enticing chance to enjoy views of both the house itself and of Pendle Hill at the same time.

Small victories.

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From the large modern kitchen with its granite worktops, composite sink, and exposed beams, to the genuinely spacious living and dining rooms (yup, that's plural - no doubling up in this house), Little Middop Farm is Lancastrian living personified, if by personified you mean "rendered in lovely house form".

Upstairs is all about the bedrooms: there are five after all, so good luck getting a word in edge-ways when the chat turns to sleeping quarters. All are very big - farmhouse standard sizes are as generous as farmers' portions - and are ripe for cat-swinging. Either that or converting a few of them into something other than more bedrooms, provided you don't have to house a family of 56 that is...