Burnley among the North West's 'hangriest' towns

While January remains the month of hasty New Year's resolutions to eat well and resist the chocolately delights that defined many a belt-testing December evening, a new study has revealed that it is also fertile ground for an increasingly universal sentiment known as 'hanger'.
A hanger epidemic is on its way...A hanger epidemic is on its way...
A hanger epidemic is on its way...

A state of hungry-anger, 'hanger' is sure to prove the major obstacle to efforts to shed those extra pounds before the days star getting longer, with research by Lancashire baker Holland’s Pies finding that 11am on Wednesday, January 10th is the peak time for 'hangriness' in Burnley, with 82% of residents coming across with a major bout of the condition.

The hangry are, thankfully, easily identified, as the state can make people irritable and bad-tempered, can reduce them to tears, and can cause them to throw things, hit people, and generally be very unhappy. Interestingly, women (82%) are much more likely to suffer from hanger than men (80%).

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“There’s nothing wrong with going on a diet, but when it makes almost the entire North West population cry and hit things, then we need to remedy it," said Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies. "Take a deep breath, head to your nearest shop, and get yourself a proper tasty Holland’s Potato & Meat pie.

"Serve it with a side of mushy peas and some gravy and all will be well in the world again," Leanne added. "Life’s too short – treat yourself!”

While one in eight people in the North West admit they experience hanger more than once a week, a very cross 2% say they’re hangry “all the time," with Burnley coming in seventh in a list of the North West's 'hangriest' towns behind Blackburn, Warrington, Bolton, Wigan, Blackpool, and Preston.

But when hanger strikes, there are well-known cures guaranteed to cure all ails, with 49% of people claiming chocolate does the trick, 39% plumping for the sausage rolls, and 28% insisting that a potato and meat pie is the answer.

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Symptoms of hanger can vary from person to person, but the top five tell-tale signs one has to be on the watch for, in line with the ailments reported by the good people of the North West, are feeling weak (46%), stomach rumbling (43%), throwing or hitting something (31%), getting snappy (31%), and crying (25%).

If you see any of these symptoms, get yourself on the pie finder at http://www.hollandspies.co.uk/pie-finder/.