Lancashire nostalgia in 1988: Glass dream, Salman Rushdie and a cricket ban

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1988:
Salman Rushdie holding a copy of his book The Satanic VersesSalman Rushdie holding a copy of his book The Satanic Verses
Salman Rushdie holding a copy of his book The Satanic Verses

£10m glass dream for historic market

Preston’s century-old covered market - one of the North West’s top shopping attractions - could be the centre-piece of a £10m prestige plan under controversial plans.

Two of the country’s leading development firms, Wimpey Construction and Next Properties, want to encase it in glass as part of a major revamp of the whole market area which they claim would make it an attraction of “regional and national significance” into the 21st century.

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The town’s old police station and magistrates’ court could also become a courtyard of speciality shops - and a Goalhouse heritage centre.

Even the town hall itself is not excluded. If all goes according to plan, the massive four-year project could engulf that as well.

A major facelift for the now tired-looking indoor market, still only 26 years old, is also planned.

A major presentation of the proposals will be put to the council in January and discussions with the market traders are also promised.

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Council leader Harold Parker said: “Preston is very proud of its long market traditions and the vital part played by them in the shopping scene of the town.”

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Muslim protests lead to book ban

Preston’s newest bookshop has banned a controversial book over fears it could lead to protests from angry Muslims.

The ban comes as Muslims are expected to take to the streets in their stand against the novel, Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.

Waterstone’s, who recently opened premises in Fishergate, has removed copies of the book from its shelves after receiving complaints from local Muslims.

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There are approximately 6,000 Muslims living in Preston and they claim that the novel, nominated for the 1988 Booker Prize, insults their faith.

Sarah Woodstock, assistant manager at Waterstone’s, said: “We have a lot of new staff and we did not think it was right to put extra pressure on them if the book was going to cause trouble.”

Mooner ban: I am to blame says his Preston team-mate

The cricketer who got “mooning” stumper John Farrar a 12-month ban branded the punishment “totally unjust”.

The Preston team-mate, who declined to be named for fear of disciplinary action, admitted: “It wasn’t John’s fault... it was mine.”

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Farrar was barred from the Northern League for the whole of next season for allegedly baring his backside as two lady spectators looked on in horror.

“We were leaving the field and for a laugh I was holding on to the back of John’s trousers. As he went up the steps of the pavilion they just came down a little.

“He was as surprised as everyone else. But to ban him for 12 month for something that wasn’t his doing is completely out of order.

“I couldn’t believe it when the disciplinary committee delivered their verdict.”

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Farrar has already announced he will appeal against the decision - and if necessary take the matter to the High Court.

The culprit added: “Professional sportsmen do worse things and don’t get anything like a 12-months ban.”

The incident happened at the end of a ill-tempered match between Preston and Leyland Motors at West Cliff in August.

The two lady spectators who were outraged by the sight of Farrar’s bottom gave evidence.