23 amazing Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition pictures from the 70s and 80s as cult series marks 60 years

These superb photos cast back to the 1970s and into the 80s and 00s to reminisce over the hugely popular Doctor Who Exhibition which had a starring role on the Golden Mile

Blackpool’s increasingly populated seafront brought the guarantee of an already established audience and the TV themed exhibition proved to be a crowd puller when it first opened in 1973 by Jon Pertwee. And it was an amazing experience for lucky young winners of the Gazette’s design a monster competition who got to meet the Timelord in person. The exhibition showcased a collection of costumes and props from the series, many of them animated, and was updated every year with items from the latest season. It closed in 1985 before being reinvented in 2004 for a further five years. It was only when the BBC decided it needed it’s costumes back that the idea was finally abandoned – not before it had made its mark though as one of Blackpool’s most memorable attractions.