11 emotive pictures of Blackpool North Shore Boating Pool when it was left wrecked in the 1980s

North Shore Boating Pool was a magnet for tourism in its heyday.

Built in 1921, it was supposed to have been an open air baths but was instead turned into a leisure pool with motorboats, canoes, deckchairs and refreshments. It was a success until the 1970s but these photos show, sadly, how desperate it had become in the 1980s when it had been left abandoned. By 1983 it was a dumping ground for old cars, twisted metal, the remaining boats and even industrial machinery. A year later it was part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of the area and the pool was eventually cleared up for the summer season of the 1986. It didn’t last though and became obsolete until the area was filled in for a go-karting run.

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