Your last chance to receive free dental implant treatment from North West dental surgery, Synergy

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Do you know someone who struggles to smile, speak, or chew? Just 24 hours left on Synergy Dental Group’s opportunity to nominate someone to get life changing treatment for free!

Missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems in life. Not only do they make it difficult to chew, they can also make it difficult to speak, damage your confidence, and make it hard to smile.

Many of us are having a hard time accessing a dentist at the moment, but local company Synergy aims to give one lucky person a chance to get life changing treatment for free.

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Dental implants are a solution for a range of problems caused by missing teeth. Dental implants can fix anything from one missing tooth to replacing a whole jaw of teeth. Unlike a denture, dental implants are permanent. They work by placing a screw element into the jawbone to replicate the natural tooth root. This then makes a strong foundation for a dentist to attach a crown or bridge, meaning your teeth won’t move around or come out. In other words, dental implants act just like your real teeth.

Dental implants surgery with CEO Dr. BagasiDental implants surgery with CEO Dr. Bagasi
Dental implants surgery with CEO Dr. Bagasi

This treatment isn’t currently available on the NHS, so patients have to seek this treatment privately. The prices for a single implant usually run into the thousands, meaning some people struggle to access treatment due to the price, but leading dental group, Synergy, are offering to foot the bill for one person.

To be in with a chance of getting free dental implant treatment from Synergy, you need to head to their website and nominate someone using the form on their ‘about’ page. You can nominate a friend, family, or you can choose to nominate yourself. Make sure that you follow all of the rules, including following their social media. The nominations window closes tomorrow on April 26th at 4pm, so you need to move fast. Synergy Dental will read all nominations and choose someone to get free dental implant treatment based on the information you give. They will then announce who has been chosen on their social media.

A Synergy spokesperson said, “We want to do this to help someone who would benefit from dental implants. Our dentists see people every day who struggle just to eat because of their teeth. We know that this treatment can make a huge difference in someone’s life. That’s why we’ve decided to do this - we want to help someone. This is our way of giving thanks to the communities that have supported our business for so many years.”

To get nominating, head to their page HERE.

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