What effect can AI have on the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is just one sector being shaken up by the advances in technology.
A lot of us use artificial intelligence every day without realising it.A lot of us use artificial intelligence every day without realising it.
A lot of us use artificial intelligence every day without realising it.

When you think about artificial intelligence, you probably do not associate it with the beauty industry. However, there is a lot of scope of powerful software to be used in this industry.

One example is how artificial intelligence is transforming the spectrum of makeup skin tones.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, often shortened to AI, is a type of computer science that can help people and businesses function more efficiently. Essentially it is smart software and technology that can carry out tasks that humans can.

Over time, the algorithms and programming develop and it can be more accurate and reliable than humans at carrying out that task.

A lot of us use artificial intelligence every day without realising it. For example, think about when you need directions. You go straight to Google Maps and it tells you how to get to your destination. Through artificial intelligence, Google Maps can calculate the best route and how to get there the fastest. It has learned where buildings are, how to work out if roads are closed and what the numbers on houses are.

Another example of artificial intelligence is autocorrect on our smartphones. Think about all of the times you have made a mistake with your spelling. Your smartphone simply corrects a word for you, as easily as an editor being able to spot grammar mistakes.

Artificial intelligence is what is being used to help you with your messages and predict the words you are trying to say. While it is not always correct, it can learn what you mean over time.

The great thing is, there is a lot of investment into the world of artificial intelligence. This means new technology can emerge in the future to make our lives easier. For instance, Tej Kohli is an investor that wants to make a difference in the world with artificial intelligence.

He has put a lot of time, effort and money into research, development and delivery of prosthetic limbs which can be controlled by thoughts of the wearer. Practical solutions to real world problems.

How the beauty industry is evolving

If you press rewind to 10 years ago, the skin tone shades of makeup were very limited. It was not until 2017 and Rihanna’s release of Fenty Beauty when that began to change. Indeed, this includes 40 different shades so that palettes to appeal to the masses and those with darker skin could also enjoy makeup.

Back to 2020 and there are a lot more makeup options out there for the diverse world we live in.

But one problem that affects everyone no matter what skin colour you have is finding the perfect shade.

Everyone wants their makeup to be subtle. Yet, if you do not choose the right shade, it can make your makeup very obvious.

So, there is where artificial intelligence comes in. Using advanced software, people can be assisted in finding the perfect shade to match their skin.

For instance, the Nudemeter is just one example of what artificial intelligence can do. This tool lets users upload a selfie and the software can suggest the best products for them. Nudemeter has already won awards for its innovation, such as the Digital Accelerator Start-Up Program given by Coty. Since then brands have jumped on board to offer this assistance to their shoppers.