Jordan Banks was tragically 'coming to the end of his training session' when lightning struck

Tragic Jordan Banks was just seconds away from finishing his training session - and the safety of his step-dad's car - when lightning struck, it emerged today.

The nine-year-old died after being hit by a bolt that caused his heart to stop - with the storm suddenly rolling in - his inquest was told.

Coroner Alan Wilson said the Liverpool fan's injuries were unsurvivable and recorded a narrative conclusion.

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Describing the sudden storm as a "very rare occurence", he told those gathered at the town hall: "Jordan had injuries consistent with being struck by lightning and no outstanding medical conditions.

The death of Jordan Banks, nine, from Blackpool, stunned the global football community and left those in the resort - even those who didn't know the youngster - grief-stricken (Picture: The Gazette)

"He died when he suffered a cardiac arrest due to one lightning strike.

"I would like to offer my condolences to the family and also thank them for donating Jordan's organs at what must have been a very difficult time."

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Jordan, of Newhouse Road, Marton, who went to Stanley Primary School and played for grassroots club Clifton Rangers, was coming to the end of his one-to-one session on the Common Edge Road playing fields at around 5pm on Tuesday, May 11, the inquest was told.

Witness Emma Gleeson, whose son was due to train after Jordan and was waiting nearby, described the weather as "fine" at 4.50pm.

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Mr Wilson said: "The forecasts were not suggestive of extreme weather."

But minutes later, at 4.59pm, Jordan was hit.

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His family did not attend the hearing but his step-dad Daniel Begg, who was waiting in his car with his two-year-son for Jordan to finish, said in a written statement he saw the youngster collapse.

Football coach Daniel Stenton said all of he sudden he felt "something [he] couldn't begin to explain" and made him "automatically throw [his] hands over his head".

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He turned to see Jordan lying lifeless on the ground.

Mr Begg ran over and began CPR as 999 was called.

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Paramedics took over the life-saving efforts at 5.01pm.

Jordan was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital by ambulance but medics were unable to revive him and his death was declared at 5.55pm.

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A report from the national forecaster, the Met Office, was read in court and suggested that, although thunder and lightning was reported between 3-6pm on the day of Jordan's death, the conditions were not thought to be bad enough to warrant a severe weather warning.

Det Insp Abi Finch-Hall from Lancashire Police and who led the investigation into Jordan's death said that, while there were no obvious signs of a lightning strike, it was "clear from the outset" what had happened.

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Cameron Doherty, a friend of Mr Stenton who heard the strike, said: "I was sitting in the front passenger seat of my car, facing away from the field, when I heard a loud bang.

"I turned around and saw Jordan lying on his back.

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"Dan was shouting for us to call an ambulance.

"When they came they picked Jordan up straight away and put him in an ambulance.

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"I didn't think [training] would be dangerous in any way."

Ms Gleeson said she saw Jordan fall to the floor and Mr Begg run to him.

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She said: “Daniel (Begg) clearly was thinking the same thing I was thinking and was saying: ‘He’s gone, he’s gone’.”

The inquest also heard a statement from paramedic Sharon Riley-Clarke, who said she and her colleague were called to the scene shortly after they witnessed a “loud and violent” sudden lightning strike nearby.

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She said when they arrived at 5.01pm she saw Mr Begg crouched over Jordan in the field and he shouted to them: “He’s not breathing.”

She added: “He picked him up in his arms and was running to us.”

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Jordan's death left Blackpool heartbroken and shocked the global football community.

Tributes flooded in from around the world, with celebrities amongst those expressing their shock and sending message of condolences to the youngster's loved ones.

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A charity fundraiser, the schoolboy was also nominated for a posthumous Pride of Britain Award.

Scores of tributes were left at the playing fields and at Stanley Primary School, where teachers spoke of their grief.

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