Popular chart topping character turns Padiham pink and yellow with surprise guest appearances during lockdown

A chart topping character, who won the hearts of the nation over 20 years ago, has made a few 'guest' appearances in Padiham, much to the delight of residents.

'Mr Blobby' was the undisputed star of the hit 90s Saturday night TV show Noel's House Party.

And the re-emergence of the popular pink figure covered in yellow spots has helped to bring some cheer to Padiham folk during the Covid 19 lockdown.

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Mr Blobby, who topped the charts in 1993 with his own Christmas single, has received waves, claps and cheers during his one hour a day exercise session much to the delight of his 'keeper' who said: "We never imagined it would take off like it did with people taking photos and filming.

The arrival of Mr Blobby has brought some much needed cheer to Padiham residents during the lockdown.

"But it's nice to think it is making people smile."

Mr Blobby been inundated with requests for him to visit their street and he has promised he will do his best to get round as many as possible. He is taking a rest now as his keeper is a key worker but he will be back on the streets of Padiham on Saturday, April 25th.

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Mr Blobby isn't the only character bringing some good vibes to Padiham as residents continue in lockdown. Over the Easter holiday break Huggsy the bunny has been patrolling the streets, bringing smiles to the faces of hundreds of youngsters.

Huggsy is owned by Vivien Storey of Hugs For Free and she said the response to him had been amazing with children sat waiting on their doorsteps, in gardens and at windows to catch a glimpse of him.