Coronavirus deaths in Burnley per postcode show big differences in impact of virus across town

Coronavirus deaths per postcode show the impact the virus has had across Burnley and Padiham, with Rosehill and Burnley Wood registering the highest death rate.

Tuesday, 16th June 2020, 12:30 pm

New figures from the Office for National Statistics highlight the number of coronavirus deaths during the three-month period from March to May.

A total of 14 deaths in the Rosehill and Burnley Wood postcode have been linked to the virus, compared to 45 from all causes.

Padiham had the second highest total – seven coronavirus-related related deaths from 29 all causes – along with Padiham where there were seven deaths out of 44 from all causes.

Rosehill with Burnley Wood has had the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths

Hapton and Lowerhouse registered the lowest number with zero Covid-19 deaths, compared to 10 from all causes.

Here are the rest of the figures for the borough:

- Central Burnley and Daneshouse – six Covid-19 deaths out of 23 deaths from all causes.

- Habergham and Ightenhill – six Covid-19 deaths out of 31 deaths from all causes.

- Bank Hall and Fulledge – six Covid-19 deaths out of 31 deaths from all causes.

- Brunshaw and Brownside – three Covid-19 deaths out of 20 deaths from all causes.

- Whittlefield and Rose Grove – two Covid-19 deaths out of 21 deaths from all causes.

- Harle Syke and Lanehead – two Covid-19 deaths out of 27 deaths from all causes.

- Cliviger, Worsthorne and Lane Bottom – one Covid-19 death out of 14 deaths from all causes.

- Barclay Hills and Trinity – one Covid-19 deaths out of 18 deaths from all causes.