Zoo Lab: Burnley primary school kids get hands-on with spiders and snakes

As they learn about nocturnal animals, children at a Burnley primary school have been visited by the Zoo Lab, who introduced the pupils to a range of nighttime creatures from tarantulas and snakes to lizards and snails.
The Reedley schooll pupils with Luna the Spider.The Reedley schooll pupils with Luna the Spider.
The Reedley schooll pupils with Luna the Spider.

The reception pupils at Reedley Primary School in Brierfield were treated to a creepy-crawly extravaganza earlier this week when Lydia from Zoo Lab came in to teach them about nocturnal animals, where they come from, and what they eat.

As part of their learning topic 'Day and Night', the kids also had a chance to touch or hold the animals before asking Lydia any questions they had about Gary the Snail, Luna the Spider, Tango the Snake, Pancake the Lizard, and Milo the Rat.

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While Eshal asked “why does the Lizard have long nails?”, Aminah said her favourite animals was “the rat, because it is fluffy and soft," while Adyaan said: “I liked Prince the Frog because he was big!” and Hanna added: “I liked Pancake the Lizard because he was spiky on his back."

The children also had the idea of singing to the animals as a thank-you, and treated the Zoo Lab stars to a rendition of ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star' and 'Incy-Wincy Spider’.