Reedley readers create 'book nook'

Children at Reedley Primary School were set a creative task over half term to create a 'book nook' - a snapshot of a scene from a favourite book.

A Reedley Readers Day was held at the school after lockdown had menat that pupils missed World Book Day.

Teachers recorded short videos of their children reading independently, and the classes were then paired up with another from a different Key Stage and the children were 'read to' by a child from a different class.

English leader Kerry Gorrell said: "The aim of the book nook was that it is small enough to fit between books on a bookshelf. We had a lot of children and parents joining in with this activity and the children chose their favourite to go into the school library - we have just re-opened this after the March lockdown.

The Hungry Catterpillar

"The children were very excited to see their book nooks on display.

"Throughout the day, there were a range of activities in place. Upper Reedley (Years 5 and 6) created book trailers, similar to film trailers, to recommend different books to different year groups.

"Middle Reedley (Years 3 and 4) acted out scenes and title from books so other classes could guess what they were - a bit like charades. In Lower Reedley (Years 1 and 2), Year 2 spent the day as pirates, reading and writing riddles, whilst Yearr 1 completed a scavenger hunt where they found clues relating to a book that they were learning about.

"Early Reedley (Reception) focused on the book, 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Staff dressed up as characters from the story and re-enacted the story for the children.

"The children also dressed as their favourite characters from fiction and non-fiction books. It was a really fun day - the children had a great time and it provided us with the opportunity to celebrate all that is good about reading in our school."