Nelson student's climate change lecture

Climate change was on the agenda for a Nelson man who organised a college lecture on "the great challenge of the 21st Century".
Guests and participants at the lectureGuests and participants at the lecture
Guests and participants at the lecture

Nelson resident and Blackburn College student David Moreton recently organised a climate change event, which welcomed over 50 attendees.

David, who studies at the college’s University Centre, organised the event alongside lecturer Julie Gunn. David also asked Manchester-based author and activist Martin Empson to speak at the event having known him for a number of years through his activism.

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The event’s title "System Change Not Climate Change" was taken from Martin’s book of the same name, which was a core material on David’s degree programme.

Martin’s talk centred on the global climate emergency and how there must be radical change to the political system so that climate change can be tackled with greater speed.

David (46) said: “I would like to thank Martin, Julie and my fellow students who volunteered their time to help organise the event and make it happen on the evening.

“Initially, we were going to ask Martin to guest speak in a lecture, but later decided to open it up to any students, staff and local people who wanted to attend.

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“Credit to my son, who is a design student in London, for designing the poster; the coverage on the Blackburn College social media certainly helped spread the word as well.”

Speaking at the event, Martin said: “It’s wonderful to speak to the students and staff at Blackburn College and many members of the public.

“The environmental crisis will be the great challenge of the 21st Century and it’s inspiring to see such engagement with the subject.”

Julie, who teaches the politics pathway of the Joint Honours programme at the University Centre at Blackburn College, said: “I would like to thank Martin for visiting Blackburn College and leading the event for the benefit of students and staff alike.”

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