Just One Tree: Burnley primary school holds non-uniform day to raise funds to plant trees

Having been learning about the terrible impacts of the climate crisis, a Burnley primary school have held a 'Just One Tree' non-uniform day which saw children wear green and contribute a pound to plant a tree.
The students on their Just One Tree non-uniform day.The students on their Just One Tree non-uniform day.
The students on their Just One Tree non-uniform day.

With children having been learning about how trees are important to humans, students at Reedley Primary School held the non-uniform day in an effort to try and offset the effects of the climate crisis. They have also been learning about impact things such as driving cars, burning fossil fuels, polluting factories, and deforestation have had and how the repercussions of such actions could be irreversible.

Consequences such as heatwaves, heavy rainfall, sea level-rise, the destruction of animal habitats and loss of flora, wildfires, acidification, and drought we also spoken about, with the students learning about the astonishing rates of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon despite the positive effects that trees have.

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"We wanted to do our part," said Penny Barnes, the Year 6 teacher and Geography coordinator. "For every pound, a tree is planted in Madagascar, Mozambique, Haiti, or Kenya, so we had a non-uniform day which saw children wear an item of clothing that was green and everyone brought in a pound. In total, we raised £289.70 which means 290 trees will be planted in one of those areas."

Year 6 student Moiz said: "I am really glad we are doing our bit and telling other about how important trees are. Without them, we wouldn't survive!" while his classmate Aisha added: "Trees literally breath in the bad CO2 and clean it and breath our oxygen. How amazing is that?"

In year 5, Zainab said: "Trees are amazing. They give us the air we breathe!" and Adam commented: "Don't cut trees down, they are so important to the world! I am glad we have helped plant new ones."

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