Informal French and Spanish evening classes at Burnley College

Two experienced tutors are bringing their expertise and enthusiasm for Spanish and French to adult learners at Burnley College.
Megan PillingMegan Pilling
Megan Pilling

Delia Moreno, from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, and Megan Pilling, a French graduate, are excited about the start of the new evening classes, helping adult learners become more confident and take their knowledge to the next level.

The informal classes will focus on the language skills needed to make the most of people's time in France or Spain, whether that’s on holiday, business or relocating, learning alongside others of the same ability.

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Spanish tutor Delia was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and has degrees in Primary Education and English and Spanish from the island’s La Laguna University, where she also taught Spanish to British, German, Swedish, Italian, Japanese and Russian undergraduates.

Delia MorenoDelia Moreno
Delia Moreno

Delia moved to the UK in 2011 to teach A-Level Spanish and help adult learners improve their skills but keeps in touch with family and friends in Tenerife regularly via Skype calls, visits Spain every summer and enjoys listening to Spanish radio and watching Spanish TV.

She said: “I've been a language teacher for 25 years and I love it, especially teaching Spanish to adults: their motivation is second to none. It is extremely rewarding to see how they make progress and how they go from saying words to sentences and much more.

"It's great to share my culture, to discuss topics in the news and what’s happening in their daily life, too – all in Spanish, of course!

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“Both English and Spanish have shaped and enriched my life professionally, culturally and personally. Languages bring so much to life: you’re not only stretching yourself mentally, you’re gaining in confidence and meeting others who share your interest.”

For Megan it is a welcome return to Burnley College where she completed four A-Levels before gaining her degree in French and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Swansea University.

After travelling the world following her degree, Megan has taken up a teaching position at her former school, The Hollins, Accrington, and is looking forward to passing on her love of French to Adult Learners at Burnley College.

She said: “I simply love everything about France and the French people and can’t wait to share that with Adult Learners at Burnley College. For me, it’s not only the language that is so appealing, it’s the French culture, the beautiful towns, countryside and coast and the people who are so generous and happy to help you.

“Helping adult learners to develop their skills is something I’m passionate about: conversations spring naturally and there’s always great humour and a real thirst for knowledge.”

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