Colne pupils take on Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge

Students at Colne Primet Academy saw 100 as the magic number when they took part in the Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge.

In history lessons, Year 8 students learnt about the Russian Civil War which ended 100 years ago, whilst in maths, students were challenged to come up with questions with an answer of 100. They also produced bar charts of 100 different coloured balls and found the missing lengths if an area equalled 100cm2.

In English lessons, Year 7 students took part in a 100 word outdoor creative writing lesson. The students were asked to create a 100-word sensory description of their surroundings, thinking about the details of nature that we sometimes take for granted and they were encouraged to consider textures, colour variations, sounds and sensations.

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Mrs Erskine, lead practitioner for maths, said: “The Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge participants were encouraged to use the number 100 as their inspiration for activities.

Some of the Primet pupils who took part in the challenge

“Here at Primet we really got into the spirit of the challenge and it was great to see different curriculum areas coming up with creative ways of celebrating the life of a very inspirational man.”