Clown craze hits Clitheroe school

Reports from parents of pupils at Ribblesdale High School on the social media site Facebook have suggested that the notorious clown craze which has swept across many areas of the UK this week may now have hit Clitheroe.
Clown sightings reported at Ribblesdale High School. (s)Clown sightings reported at Ribblesdale High School. (s)
Clown sightings reported at Ribblesdale High School. (s)

Pranksters have been slammed for dressing up as creepy clowns to intimidate and frighten people, with reports of them jumping out, chasing people and even carrying weapons in areas including Norwich, Newcastle, Carlisle and Bristol, and Lancashire has also seen a spate of similar incidents over the past 24 hours.

This afternoon, Ribblesdale High School pupils have said that gates to the school's "E block" were locked by staff after sightings of clowns around that area of the school. A pupil told the Clitheroe Advertiser that teachers were staying near all school gates and keeping pupils away, whilst another reported that there were even police on hand to escort frightened pupils to the buses at home time.

A police spokesman would not confirm the reports and Ribblesdale High School have yet to respond.