Cliviger primary school's 'excellent' Christian ethos is praised

A village primary school has been marked as excellent in a specialist inspection.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 8:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 9:38 am
Pupils from St John's Primary, Cliviger, celebrate the school's 'excellent' rating

St John's CE Primary School, Cliviger, received the mark in a recent SIAMs (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) Inspection.

SIAMs inspection focuses on the impact of the church school's Christian vision on pupils and adults. This involves looking at the school’s Christian vision, the provision the school makes because of this vision and how effective this is in enabling all pupils to flourish.

Proud headteacher Mrs Naomi Healey said: "The Christian vision has a huge impact as it is lived out through the relationships and behaviour of the whole school community. Cliviger St John’s School is a place we should all be proud of."

Recent changes to the grading means that it is extremely difficult to be graded excellent. St John’s is one of the first schools to be inspected under the new schedule.

The inspection found the school to have "exemplary leadership which ensures a deeply Christian learning community in which every member flourishes".

The school was also said to exceptionally inclusive, nurturing relationships based on Christian love which has a significant impact on all members of the school community.

The inspection noted that these are "highly effective in sustaining pupils and adults at times of personal need, supporting their mental health and emotional wellbeing extremely well. The spiritual life of the school is greatly enhanced by sustained, mutually beneficial partnerships across several local churches. This has a significant impact on the wider Christian life of the school."