Burnley primary school's whole week of World Book Day

A Burnley primary school has embraced the joy of reading by celebrating World Book Day over a whole week.
Year 2 pupils enjoyed dressing upYear 2 pupils enjoyed dressing up
Year 2 pupils enjoyed dressing up

Springfield Primary School in Oxford Road, Burnley Wood, saw each class choose a fairytale as a focus and then engage in several activities with outside agencies, such as The Creeping Toad and Burnley Youth Theatre.

The Reception class based all learning around The Story of the Big Pancake, Year 1 looked at The Little Red Hen, while Year 2 held a Book Bistro with parents and a workshop with Burnley Youth Theatre.

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Meanwhile, Year 3 looked deeply into the story of The Three Little Pigs, invented their own versions of the story and drew story maps, while Year 4 looked at the traditional fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Year 5 listening to a storyYear 5 listening to a story
Year 5 listening to a story

In year 5, the children enjoyed reading The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Anderson, and comparing the original to the Disney version and talked about the very different endings to the story. They learned the story using Talk4Writing and created comic strips to depict it.

Finally, Year 6 pupils read and listened to alternative fairy tales written by Laurence Anholt. The children enjoyed re-telling the stories and comparing them with the traditional tales.

On Thursday, Burnley Youth theatre came into school and delivered a drama workshop with the children and on Friday the children listened to the story teller “Creeping Toad” and then had a chance to make up and tell their own stories, using unusual items as inspiration.

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Teacher Stefanie Staples said: "We have been creating story maps, which the children loved completing, these just help us remember the key parts of the story. Additionally, we did a bit of prediction work for the story of how it could end but then also creating our own endings.

Year 3 enjoyed acting out storiesYear 3 enjoyed acting out stories
Year 3 enjoyed acting out stories

"Our reading bistro was another success with several adults from home coming to read with the children and enjoy a good story. On Thursday, it was time to dress up. What a day!

"We had all sorts of characters from different books walking through our door, it was amazing. Burnley Youth Theatre and The Creeping Toad also came in to help us with our learning but through role-play and storytelling, it was great.

"After the amazing week, we certainly will be reading a lot more stories in class and using them in our role-play area to help us learn."

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