Burnley primary school pupils enjoy a week of storytelling

Pupils at Burnley's Springfield Community Primary School enjoyed a wonderful week of activities centred on National Storytelling Week
Year 1 pupils enjoying storytellingYear 1 pupils enjoying storytelling
Year 1 pupils enjoying storytelling

Key Stage 2 pupils at the school in Burnley Wood listened to "Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories", which complemented their study of Australia and the current crisis around bushfires. They used aboriginal symbols to create their own story bracelets and retold these to the class.

Pupils Hasnain Mohammed, Madison Duckworth-Shackleton and Vladimir Vasilev all reflected on what they had learned and enjoyed.

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In Year 2, pupils used images to come up with their own stories while Year 1 pupils each had a box filled with interesting treasures discussing how and where they could include them in stories, and how to develop characters and setting. They all created our own stories and shared them with each other.

Coby Ewens said it was “good to listen to new ideas”, while Keeley Liversidge added “I liked the other children’s stories that they made up and I learned how to be a good listener.”

In Nurture, the children enjoyed story time with Year 3 pupil Daniel Bell who read to his peers, while Lexi Duckworth-Shackleton said: “I learned that we celebrate story telling week because anyone can be a storyteller."

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