Burnley holiday camp's Ofsted improvement

A local holiday camp that vowed to improve on an 'inadequate' Ofsted rating has proved true to its word after being branded as 'good' by the educational regulator just five months after the original inspection.

Blooming Buds has seen a marked improvement in just five months.
Blooming Buds has seen a marked improvement in just five months.

Blooming Buds, located at the Unitarian Church on Church Street in Padiham, was labelled as 'inadequate' after an Ofsted inspection last August, prompting manager Kirsten Cross to express her disappointment at a report which she felt was an inaccurate representation of the establishment's quality.

After a follow-up inspection on February 1st of this year, Blooming Buds' rating has been elevated to 'good', reflecting a range of improvements the camp has made in complying with the regulator's criticism in 2016.

"The manager and staff have worked hard to address issues raised at the last inspection to raise the quality of the provision," the Ofsted report read. "Parents' comments are extremely positive; staff work effectively with other providers and staff to ensure the care and activities they provide are well suited to each child."

After issues surrounding the quality and standards of the early years provision at Blooming Buds - as well as problems leadership and management, quality of teaching, and behavioural development - the care establishment has improved on all previously troublesome accounts, as per the report.

Whereas Ofsted previously highlighted concerns over vetting procedures - which came about as a result of what Kirsten called "inconsistencies in the guidelines" - the updated report read: "Vetting procedures have been enhanced and checks are undertaken to help keep children safe. The arrangements for safeguarding are effective."