Art week: Burnley reception kids get crafty to create their own puppets

Reception pupils at a Burnley primary school have enjoyed an entire week of art, getting crafty and learning about everything from Henri Matisse to how to create their own toys.

The Reedley pupils with their puppets.
The Reedley pupils with their puppets.

Beginning on February 25th, Reedley Primary School kicked off their art extravaganza, with reception teacher Claire King particularly proud of her students for their efforts on an afternoon when the children and parents worked together to make their own puppets.

Linking their work to that of French painter Matisse, who loved vivid colours and clear shapes, the children have been using their theme of toys to influence their artwork, which then led to them deciding to get even more creative by crafting their own puppets.

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"We linked it to our artist by looking at the different shapes and features we could make for our puppets using arts and crafts materials," said Claire. The children designed their puppets, sewed them, and then parents came in to encourage and support their child with their project.

Parents help the kids with their arts and crafts.

"They all loved the activity," she added. "The staff at Reedley were so pleased with all those who could make it and lots of children were putting on puppet shows by the end.".

Proud pupeteers.