New daytime Hackney cab rank for Nelson town centre

​A new Hackney cab taxi rank is now available during the day in Nelson town centre.
Ali AhmedAli Ahmed
Ali Ahmed

The taxi rank in Manchester Road will come as a relief to customers, particularly the elderly and those with prams, who currently have to walk across the Nelson Interchnage for a taxi.

Hackney driver Ali Ahmed said: "I feel Pendle Borough Council hasn't done enough to let the public know about this town centre taxi rank. We have a lot of customers who this will benefit.

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This taxi rank has had the timings changed so that drivers can now park all day long. It was originally restricted to be used at night time but as there is no nightlife in Nelson this was not worthwhile.

"We had to fight for this rank and have the timings changed. Previously, the Hackney drivers had to wait for an hourly train for custom at the Interchange. The taxi ranks are important in any such town centres, but somehow we were being neglected. We Hackney drivers felt abandoned or brushed to the side."

Mr Ahmed also said he would like to see Hackney cabs being incorporated into any Nelson town centre redevelopment from the forthcoming Towns Fund.

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