Law firm with base in Hapton celebrates 130 strong female workforce as nation marks International Women's Day

A law firm, which has an office in Hapton, is using International Women’s Day to celebrate its 130-strong female workforce.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 3:45 pm

Alexander Grace Law s ’s 85% female workforce demonstrates an incredible example of how far the legal

profession has come in recent years.

Indeed, women were not even allowed to become members of the Law Society or Inns of Court until

Part of the Alexander Grace Law team at Hapton are (left to right ) Alissa Robinson ( new business manager) Vicky Bradshaw (new business assistant) Faye Fellows ( legal assistant) and Jasmine Baker (team leader)

1919 when Parliament forced the doors open with the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act.

Operating across four offices in Hapton, Lytham and Blackpool, Alexander Grace Law’s female staff includes 32 paralegals, 37 lawyers, three managers, 57 support staff, and two trainees which amounts to an overall of 130 females within an an overall workforce of 154.

Asked the secret behind attracting so many women to the business, co-founder Donnamarie Sturrock, said: “I think it’s because we are such a family friendly business which focuses on looking after our staff and recognising how important the work life balance is.

“Working mums are some of the hardest working people I know and will always give way more back.

"They appreciate and understand the importance of getting the balance right.”

With so many women working for the firm, Donnamarie and fellow co founder James Young are often asked why the majority is so high.

Donnamarie said: “It’s a common question. We found that a lot of men left the legal sector after the last property crash and not many re-trained.

“Of course, we’d like a more equal mix and we are starting to find more men applying for all roles within the office.

"We actually now have around 20 men, and this is slowly rising.”

James added that when they founded the practice they did not set out to employ more women than men but that was how it had evolved over four years.

He said: "“We’d like to move towards a more equal balance but in the meantime, we’re very proud to have

reversed the roles a little in an industry that was, up until recently, so heavily male-dominated.”

"The figure of 85% represents an important success in the drive towards gender equality in the legal

profession and Alexander Grace Law are proud to celebrate all the women in their team behind that number.

“We really do have an incredible team of people across our four offices, and today’s a great day to

acknowledge their successes and say thank you.”