Lancashire County Council considering strategy to increase walking and cycling

Lancashire County Council are considering a new strategy called Actively Moving Forward to make walking and cycling a more appealing transport option for people across the county.
The proposal aims to double the number of cyclists by 2028.The proposal aims to double the number of cyclists by 2028.
The proposal aims to double the number of cyclists by 2028.

The new scheme, which is hoping to hit targets by 2028, aims to double the number of cyclists, increase the amount of walkers by 10% (particularly targeting children aged between five and 10 who can walk to school), and reduce levels of physical inactivity across Lancashire to ensure they fall below the national average.

Put together by Lancashire County Council in partnership with Blackpool Council and Blackburn with Darwen Council, the initiative comes following a consultation with local people and other partners which took place last year and will be considered by the county council's cabinet at its meeting on Thursday 9th August and if approved will go to Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen Councils as well.

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"It's crucial we do all we can to encourage people to be more physically active," said Andrew Mullaney, the county council's head of planning and environment. "Making it easier for people to walk and cycle brings many benefits, from improving people's health and wellbeing, reducing road congestion, and improving local air quality, to providing access to job opportunities and supporting economic growth.

"This strategy would build on the range of high-quality walking and cycling routes, which already offer excellent access to the county's towns and cities and beautiful rural landscape," Andrew added. "Some of the actions set out in the strategy include making use of existing walking and cycling facilities, investing in further improvements, improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians, and changing people's behaviour to make walking and cycling their natural choice for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey."

For more information about the cycling and walking strategy, see agenda item nine at