Kids Review: Diggerland

HAVING children means you get to be big kids too. And what better than driving diggers and every shape and size imaginable!

Welcome to Diggerland , which boasts to be the “ultimate adventure park experience’’. And its not far off right.

There are four parks in the country, with the one at Castleford in Yorkshire the nearest. Its easily accessible, has great parking and once you get in, everything is set out nice and close, so you can have fun.

The park has an excellent indoor fun centre incase the weather turns bad and apart from a couple of strategically placed coin-operated rides, everthing is included in your ticket price.

There are rides for all ages, from small military cars for the little ones, up to huge powerful JCB’s for the grown ups.

There’s a chance to dig for treasure, hook a duck or knock down the skittles, JCB style of course. And if its an adrenaline rush you are after, there is a shaky ground shuttle, a sky ride or for the plain crazy, a spin dizzy experience.

Discounted tickets are available if you book online and there are special days for corporate or adult only days.

Its hard to get something all the family enjoyed, but Diggerland is up with the best of them!


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