Here are 10 jobs that do not require a degree as students receive A-level, T-level and BTEC results on Thursday, August 18

Students across Lancashire will receive their A-level, T-level and BTEC results on August 18, with many securing their place at university.

However, there is wide-spread concern thousands of students will miss the mark when it comes to this year’s A-level results, according to MetFilm School.

Research conducted by Aviva also revealed 24 per cent of the UK’s former students regretted going to university.

If you don’t fancy another three years of study, can’t face the debt, or don’t think you’d get there, don’t worry.

There are plenty of new routes into careers that were once the preserve of graduates.

These new opportunities are partly thanks to a rise in apprenticeships since government and business invested more in professional training.

Here are 10 jobs you can do without a degree:

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