Developers are slammed for '˜mudbath' path

Residents and councillors are up in arms over a popular route to school which has been turned into a mudbath by mud and water flowing off a building site in Colne.
The muddied pathwayThe muddied pathway
The muddied pathway

The site – called Deerwood Park by the developer Persimmon Homes – is an extension to the Knotts Drive estate and the path runs alongside the railway line between Knotts Mount and Wackersall Bridge.

Local residents and Waterside ward councillors have been in touch with Persimmon managers but so far nothing has been done.

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Liberal Democrat ward councillor Dorothy Lord said: “It is appalling. I have asked Pendle’s Planning Manager to step in and deal with this. When the council gave the planning permission for the development, we made sure that they had to keep this path open.”

One resident, David Whincup who lives next to the site, has written to Persimmon to say: “Your current earth workings on site have caused flooding onto a footpath that is on your site. It is a very well used footpath by residents, schoolchildren from the two schools close by and passing walkers going to work, shop and or for leisure. The rainwater that has gathered in the building area has been channelled directly to overflow onto this footpath.”

He added: “Currently almost half of the path is under several inches of water, only being usable if you have wellingtons on.”

Coun. Tony Greaves said: “Children are getting to Colne Primet Academy and Fisher More RC High School soaked through and covered in mud. Persimmon have just got to pay more regard to the people who live next to their development. They just do not seem to care.”